We pride ourselves on our ability to support your company’s data science journey, from initial analytics architecture to custom software solutions and data science as a service platforms. We also provide custom, in-person data science training so that businesses can nurture their in-house analytics talent.  

We are here to help you use your data to predict the future, visualize and manage your data products with dashboards and custom software, and make sure you have never been more excited about the potential of your data.

Optimized software solutions
Database integration
Big data technologies
On premises or in the cloud

Data science as a service

Applied Data Science

(we do the data science for you)

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Machine learning

Predictive analytics

Supervised learning

Unsupervised learning

Recommendation engines
Customer segmentation
Churn analysis
Risk analysis
Principled A/B testing
Research design
Data visualization

Analytics Infrastructure

(we give you the tools to do data science)

Technical Training

(we teach you how to do data science)

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Machine learning

Predictive analytics

Introduction to R
Business analytics
Reporting and presentations
Modern data science workflows
Interactive applications

Dashboard development

Version control

Package development